Helpful Videos and Resources

-Get excited for your trip! Check out this video published by the New York Times about what to eat, drink and see in Dublin. In addition to the restaurants on the map, take a look at some of these unique and well reviewed spots to grab a bite! There’s more to Irish food than just bacon and potatoes…

-Dublin, as described, is as a very “walkable and tourist-friendly city and a fascinating amalgamation of old and new, blending tradition with modernity”. St. Stephen’s Green, one of the last spots on the map located by Trinity College, is full of tradition and history and is another great spot to take your kids to the park or do homework with a handful of friends. If it is nice out, take a stroll around the gardens and spend time learning about the significant role the park had in the 1916 uprising that led to Irish independence.

-In addition to the unique black spots highlighted on the map, this Buzzfeed article is another great resource to find unique activities that are not found on traditional tourist maps. Check out these Instagram posts to learn more!


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